Saturday, 27 February 2010

the bruncheon club - part one


how has your week been? it's been busy times here, working, cycling, singing, sewing, sleeping (fitfully), cooking.

today we took a break from cooking for ourselves and went to the bruncheon club. to explain - in ye olde london town there's been a bit of a resurgence of supper clubs, lots of clever people creating small restaurants/cafes in their living rooms where you go and met new people and eat homecooked food. it's great fun and this weekend was the best so far.

the food was delicious, the company was interesting and friendly and the conversation was full of good stories and laughter.

here's a few photos of our good time and the great food...

gregg and his freshly make soda bread.

afore-mentioned bread with scrambled eggs and salad. yum!

grilled grapefruit with brown sugar... the palate cleanser before...

the best i've ever tasted pancakes...

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